Tomorrowing your business

Today, sophisticated markets like e-commerce and finance enjoy an optimal, pinpoint-accurate decision-making process performed by advanced AI systems, which takes into account diverse factors, such as demand forecasting, continuous pricing, competitor behavior, and so on.

Meanwhile, decision-making in more traditional markets like travel and banking/insurance is still performed by humans. Transitioning to more advanced technological models, with all their attendant benefits, has not been possible due to cost, time, manpower, and outdated technologies.

This is where Fetcherr comes in.


Our Business

To seamlessly and simply migrate the Travel & Cargo industries – from old decision supporting systems, to continuous AI based decision making.



Car Rental


Our Added Value

Our Technology

Fetcherr has a proprietary Deep Learning technology that is capable of analyzing the underlying forces in various markets and predicting future dynamics. Our repository collects and combines enormous amounts of data points from all industry specific verticals as well as multitude of exogenous sources which indirectly drives demand.

The system is market agnostic and enables smart decision making with a myriad of flexible tools to increase effectivity, efficiency and profitability – giving you a substantial cutting edge advantage over your competition.

Our Product

A centralized autonomous AI deep learning software-based model. Our model uses a unique sophisticated AI architecture, very similar to those utilized in financial markets, to continuously predict the demand, optimize the price of a product or service and accurately predict and react to competitor behavior.

Fetcherr’s technology can enhance the entire organization by facilitating a smooth transition from legacy-based systems to new world economic model – in a matter of months with limited client IT requirements and resources!

Our Proven Validation

System was successfully validated

The system was successfully validated by a leading Airline and these days is piloting with leading car rentals, hospitality and cargo brands.

Our Vision

Helping markets get smarter by offering AI as a product. We aim to accelerate the trends of commoditization of traditional sectors and Peer-To-Peer commercial interactions – to increase competition and enhance customer experience.

Our Partners

Global Airline company

First commercial agreement and pilot was signed with a global airline company

Bridge Lab partner

Our Leading Team

Founded at 2018 by five partners with over 20 years of experience in technology, AI, Algo-trading, e-commerce, marketing, SaaS development and retail – Fetcherr addresses the biggest challenge today in every market – Predictive Pricing.

19 years of experience in operations management and product strategy based on cross-organizational vision. He has proven experience in management of large scale operations, product & business development with global companies.

Roy Cohen - CEO

19 years of intensive experience in software development and management, specializing in real-time trading systems and large scale banking applications. Worked in various startups in Australia, London and Israel.

Shimi Avizmil - CTO

PhD in Computational Neuroscience CAIO Algo-Trader, Neuroscientist, AI researcher, manager and programmer. Experienced in business, management and entrepreneurship. Former CEO & Head of AI for AlgoTrading Firm. Uri has 3 decades of experience
in Software and AI.

Uri Yerushalmi - CAIO

Robby has more than 18 year’s experience working at the leading advertising agencies in Israel. Robby has vast experience creating successful campaigns and driving global awareness for brands. Robby was the VP Creative in TBWA Tel Aviv and Partner, Director of Creative & Strategy at HAVAS Tel Aviv.

Robby Nissan - CSO

For more than 10 years Orly held a senior position as a business development manager and spokesperson in Arkia Israeli Airlines, the second largest airline In Israel . Prior
to that Orly was for 15 Years a senior correspondent in "Globes" a leading economic newspaper

Orly Peleg Mizrachi - CBDO

Former Head of International Operations in the Prime Minister’s Office. Recently retired after 36 years of service in the Israeli Army Special Forces and thereafter in the Prime Minister’s Office reaching the equivalent rank of Major General. South African born and having served abroad and travelled extensively, David has a global outlook and embraces diversity of culture and thought.

David Solomon - Chairman of Board

35 years of experience in the Israeli retail market, leading major companies and large teams.

Haim Blashkovski - Co-Founder